Meet the Youngsters!

Mirkwood Songofthestars (filly) arrived on the 27th April 2007

Sire: Hose Ranger
Dam: Hawkdale Jinny Spinner

Mirkwood Rainbow Quest (colt) arrived on the 24th July 2007

Sire: Hose Ranger
Dam: Riccalton Charm
(Photo at 3 days old)

Mirkwood Remmirath

Remmi was born in May 2005 and is pictured here as a 3 year old gelding. His sire is Hose Ranger and his dam is Riccalton Charm. Remmirath is now out on loan and has proven to be a super child's pony,

                            Riccalton Prince

Prince is a 6year old 41 inch gelding
.His dam is Riccalton Periwinkle and his sire is Claylands Chieftain. Prince recently had a sucessful operation to cure a locking patella problem, and is now on loan keeping an exracehorse company. Please contact me if you are interested. .